Herman Koch’s The Dinner is delicious!

The Dinner is the best-selling novel by Herman Koch. The novel is set in a high-end restaurant where two brothers and their wives have gathered to talk about something their teenage boys have done. Something that will set both families off course and into disgrace. The meeting is intense as the whole truth gradually unfolds from the perspective of one of the brothers, Paul Lohman. 

As the five-course meal progresses, complete with complex descriptions of each plate, the layers of secrets are peeled back. There are flash backs as Paul puts together what is happening to his family. He discovers his happiness teeters on a tightrope. He is desperate to save his family and the clock is ticking. Literally.

The Dinner is a fast-paced, complex book that will make you rethink what you thought you knew about yourself. It’s dark, it’s relatable. It’s downright heart-wrenching.

The Dutch novel has been translated into 21 languages. The movie adaption will be released this year starring Richard Gere. Herman Koch is the author of 40 books. I received this book from Random House for this review.

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