Second Draft


Sorry I’ve been MIA. Working on the second draft of my novel. Isn’t that such a sweet, idyllic photo? Well, no…it’s not like that at all! I finished my first draft in October, short on sleep, pounding away at the computer, giving up my social life and cooked meals, to run proudly to the new world known as Second Draft. Holy Shit! Who turned out the lights? It’s not very friendly at all! Is this the promised land? I’m hating all my characters at the moment. They say this is “normal” but why didn’t anyone warn me that the road was far worse after the first draft is done?

7 thoughts on “Second Draft

  1. But it’s true! You do reach a point where your characters are awful and you don’t know what to do with them. My recommendation is this :
    Shake a pen at them and remind them that you can make them disappear with one stroke of your pen.
    Of course, then you remember that everything they have ever done was at the stroke of your pen and then it’s all back on you, writer!
    We will one day master them, we improve every day. And it’s a good sign that they seem to have minds of their own. It means they’re realistic and multidimensional.


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